Too Many Updates, Too Little Time

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Given how long I’ve been away from here, I frankly don’t even know where to start. For one thing, I actually didn’t do a year’s round up of everything I’ve learnt this time in December. Given how weird this year has been, and how horrible for some, it just felt like too much of harping about my own privilege. And also, there was just so much happening, there that really wasn’t any any time to sit back and reflect on it.

But here are some updates anyway, just to catch you up (just in case you haven’t seen me harping on and on about it on my Instagram).

  1. My first book got published (finally)! It’s out, and it’s (surprisingly) getting good reviews. Even as I write this, I know that using the word ‘surprisingly’ shows a lot about my own confidence levels about it, but that’s a whole other discussion for another time. But needless to say, I’m happy with the response, and the numerous messages I’ve gotten from people about it. This book was written a long time back, and has been through so much (including a pandemic), that it was just time for it to be out. You can grab your copy on Amazon!
  2. I am now a certified life coach! If you’d told me a year back that I would be saying that sentence, I would’ve rolled my eyes and laughed you off. But the me of a year ago hadn’t ever been at the receiving end of coaching. I didn’t know what it can do for a person, how much it can change you by helping you find yourself, how transformative it can be. Studying and becoming a practicing coach myself has been a beautiful experience, and I’m super excited to see where this goes. If you’re interested in booking a trial session with me – you can reach me at
  3. The low after the high. It’s weird, but I have been on a super achieving adrenaline rush since September last year. There was just way too much happening in life – and I was hell bent to come out on top of it all. My parents were moving cities – so I spent two months traveling between cities, helping them pack & unpack, all the while attending classes for coaching, figuring out the final edits on my book and of course managing a full time job. For once 7 hours of sleep were enough, there was minimal snoozing, and I even managed a daily workout. All of this without feeling tired. And then 2021 hit. The course is over. The book is out. There’s still a lot to be done in life, mind you. But I feel like I need 10 hours of sleep. It takes all my willpower to get out of bed and go for a walk. I barely workout because my bones are creaking like an old haunted house. I don’t know what this is. I don’t know if it’s a sudden crash after the adrenaline has dissipated and you realise that exhaustion was, in fact, there all along. Of course I don’t like it. Of course I want to go back to that over achieving super human of the last few months. But if there’s one thing this year has taught me, is to be patient with myself. To listen to my body. To give my mind the time and space it needs. It isn’t ideal, but it’s important.

So, phew. That’s the quickest summary I could manage. Frankly, the longer I stayed away from this blog, the more it piled up, and the tougher it got to pen anything down at all. But here it is, word vomit. And now, we can finally move on.

Happy new year, happy hoomans, hope we manage to make something good out of it.

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