Of Floating and Nothingness

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During the daily family call this morning, there was a bit of awkward silence, where we reached a point where nobody had anything new to add. We had exhausted our discussion on what content to watch on which streaming platform, even our bit of Bollywood gossip (as a family, this is probably our least talked about topic).

And when Mum asked us what’s new, we said nothing.


That’s how life’s events are being characterised right now.

Life has become monotonous to the extent that adding a walk in the evening is a ‘something new’ to talk about. Sure, I’m too scared to step out most days, and finally only do so when I feel like I’ve used up all the oxygen in our tiny house and could do with some fresh supply (I’d say this happens once in two weeks).

What we cooked, workout challenges, new deals converted, old books I never got around to – this is what the day’s update looks like now.

And maybe that’s okay.

Sure, there isn’t any office gossip anymore, no more Uber mishaps (really do NOT miss that), no lovely new cafe’s to describe, and definitely no vacations to look forward to.

And of course, we miss that.

But maybe it’s okay to not have updates. Maybe it’s okay to try and spend a few days with nothingness. Of just being. Because if there isn’t monotony, is there really ever a need to do something new?

P.S. I’m not sure if I believe in what I’ve written above. Monotony scares me. Being stuck in one place is one of my biggest fears. Not moving forward, not doing more. And 2020 has been a massive lesson in how to deal with plans crashing down, without having the ability to plan further to deal with it. So whether I’m imparting hard earned wisdom, or trying to convince myself – well, for once, your guess is as good as mine!

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2 thoughts on “Of Floating and Nothingness

  1. I loved this one because that’s what I have learnt too… and i felt myself agreeing with each word as I read more and more… as a person I have learnt to handle monotony so much better and I am proud of myself and of you for that !

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    1. I don’t know if it’s tougher given that it isn’t a choice. Or if doing it willingly would’ve been the tough one. Either way I find myself restless every now and then, but overall, yeah, I think we’ve got this down by now.


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