things i’m increasingly grateful for…

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  1. Coffee. It’s one of those things I never had at home, but had a habit of starting the day off with in office. Or on coffee dates with friends. Well, now that we’re in this muddled mess, it’s continuing as a daily ritual to look forward to. P.S. Investing in a frother has been a blessing.
  2. The wi-fi. Shitty as my connection is, it’s still a connection. (I’ll try to remember this the next time it stops after buffering 30 seconds of a show, instead of throwing my remote at the router. I’m kidding, obviously I don’t actually do that. I only throw the remote at A, blaming him for the shitty wi-fi he chose.)
  3. The lack of a bra. No explanation needed.
  4. The spin mop. Because it’s an invention that needs to be given its due credit. Squatting and mopping the regular way – it was the leg workout I never asked for, and couldn’t really survive.
  5. The cupboard full of alcohol. For teaching me will power and resolve, to not indulge in the things right in front of me. I guess it also helps to remember the doctor shaking his head at me and saying, just let it go. I have never craved a watermelon mojito so much in my life. (I don’t know, it’s a very very specific craving). Or a sangria. Oh man, a sangria.
  6. Not being alone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m one of those people who can spend days alone inside the house and not bat an eyelid. But I’m glad I’m not alone right now. If for nothing else, I now have someone to blame for the mess our house is perpetually in. (On a serious note, times are weird, and every day we learn something new about ourselves and how we react to the news around us. It’s good to know there’s someone to have your back when you find yourself crashing when you least expected to.)
  7. Privilege. It’s what this entire list stinks of. It’s why I have the ability to be writing random blogs to take my mind off things instead of worrying about survival. It’s why you are able to read this right now, without worrying about survival.

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