Of Useless Updates and Positivity

It has literally been a month since I’ve been working from home.

It’s been 3 weeks since the lockdown.

And while people seem to be struggling with it, I frankly haven’t minded it one bit in terms of being home. I don’t feel suffocated or that the walls are closing in on me, this despite being stuck in a tiny Mumbai home with a non-existent balcony. I think it’s just one of those perks of being an introvert.

I finally feel like I have a better hold on anxiety as well – cutting off from excess negative news has helped in a major way. Sure, there’s still a once in the day check on the Covid-19 numbers, or anything important anyone has said. But that’s it. No clicking on the article to find out just how doomed we are. Staying away from negativity has helped more than anything else.

In other news, been binge-watching The Office because John Krasinski has my heart. Well, also because it’s funny. But mainly for John (Totally have FLAMES plotted out in the back of my notebook).

Also celebrated A’s birthday, with Zoom calls from friends (every birthday we remember just how much we love our friends who take way more effort than we do to do things for us), extremely buttery (but yum, of course) food, and some horrible slapstick movie night. I’m sure it was the most underplayed birthday A has ever had, but didn’t have too much of a choice on this one.

In even more other news – the highlights of my day now involve how well I finally managed to make a chapati (My mother would finally be proud), and how my hair are now really out of control (they literally hid my clip from me for 24 hours. I swear I thought the cat ate it.)

And frankly, I’m okay with that. The highlights being this thing. Not the cat eating my clip.

Just clarifying.

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